Here’s The Latest Wreck-It Ralph 2 Trailer

Here’s The Latest Wreck-It Ralph 2 Trailer

If the latest trailer is any indication, Ralph Breaks The Internet should be several orders of magnitude better than the original.

Showcasing a snippet of Ralph and Vanellope’s journey through a Wi-Fi connection to the internet, the latest trailer shows that the sequel will target popular internet culture and icons. eBay, National Geographic, and the internet’s preference for cats all get a run in the latest video, which you can see below.

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 hits Australian cinemas November 21.


  • Trading in video game culture for more generalised Internet culture seems to be a little bit of a betrayal of the original concept.

    • Idk, they seem to have linked this to the setting of the original quite well. Also I’m assuming that there’s going to be some sort of overarching narrative about the death of the traditional video game arcade.

      Also video game culture is inevitably linked to internet culture, and kids these days by far game on the ipad more than any other device. The times are changing, games are changing, and I’m 90% sure that’s what this movie is about, with only short gags related to clickbait, ebay etc.

    • Online gaming is as much a part of the gaming culture as arcade games were. To connect the two seems worth exploring to me for that reason alone, and once you tap into online gaming, you have a hell of a lot of other online baggage you are dicing with.

      They did a great job in keeping the good parts out of the originals trailers, so this may just be 5 minutes of the movie, and have little to do with the main plot.

      I’ll wait and see if it actually impacts the movie myself. It might, and it might not.

    • “When they referenced MY culture it was great, now when they reference another, it is a betrayal!”

  • It’ll be weird to have to explain the title reference to a kid in 15 years

    “Years ago, the wife of former President West posed nude and claimed that so many people would want to see it at once, she would “break the internet””

    • “And did it actually break the Internet daddy?”

      “No child, it just meant some people on Twitter wrote in all caps for little while”

  • One thing I did notice about the trailer was all the companies are all the actual names. iirc, when they first announced the movie and I believe the first images, they all had fake names (that looked and sounded like the actual names).

    Just an interesting notice.

  • I’m really kind of worried about this one. There wasn’t really any hint of a story and the character department was very lacking, it was mainly just Ralph and Vanellope playing out the same “I’m on the internet” jokes we’ve seen before. That ending was great though so hopefully it’s just an eye catch trailer rather than a representation of the final product.

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