Argument Over Video Game Martial Arts Turned Into A Real Fist Fight

The Chinese “Golden Week” is normally a very quiet week. For the many Chinese, it’s a week off work to relax. For others, it’s a nightmare because all the tourist destinations are packed with people. Well, during this “Golden Week”, two young men from Deyang, Sichuan province, thought it was a good idea to duke it out in front of an internet cafe. You know, why not?

The two men in question, Lin and Huang, both started playing the new Jet Li kung fu game, The Ninth Sutra, at a local internet cafe in Deyang. The two young men became friends over their mutual interest in the game. Soon, they started talking about which of the game’s martial arts were best.

Lin contested that the martial arts of the Ninth Sutra is the best, whereas Huang contested that the Nine Swords of the Lonely Swordsman was the best. Eventually their conversation turned into a heated argument. Lin and Huang’s argument got so loud that the net cafe’s staff became alarmed and asked the two to use their inside voices.

After a brief period of calm, the two started yelling at each other again. Lin then suggested that the two step outside. Once outside, Huang started to pummel Lin. Within a few minutes, both men were covered in blood, and the net cafe’s owner decided to call the police. The two continued to beat each other until the police arrived to separate them.

Lin and Huang were both treated for mild injuries. According to the police report, because the two were fighting in a public location, it proved a risk to public security. However, instead of detaining both, they were let off with a stern warning.

The net cafe owner was quoted to have said, “I’ve never met such losers in my life, fighting over literally nothing.”

为争谁是金庸笔下第一高手 俩小伙网吧斗殴 [Tencent Games]

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