Bethesda Snags Former Executive Producer Of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Rich Vogel, a longtime game designer who most recently served as executive producer on BioWare's online RPG The Old Republic, is joining Bethesda, the publisher behind games like Skyrim and the upcoming Dishonored.

Bethesda's press release says Vogel and his new team will be working on "an unannounced project," but Bethesda is also currently working on its own massively multiplayer online RPG: The Elder Scrolls Online (pictured above). Interesting!

Vogel's new company, Battlecry Studios, will be based in Austin.


    The MMO better have combat that doesn't suck as much as Skyrim. That was a game killer. And yes I finished all the main quest and guilds.

    I hope It doesn't tank like Swtor, otherwise he will be fired for ruining another game.

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