Star Wars: The Old Republic Executive Producer Leaves BioWare

Star Wars: The Old Republic Executive Producer Leaves BioWare

Star Wars: The Old Republic executive producer Rich Vogel has left developer BioWare amid a wave of layoffs, Gamasutra reports today.

Rumours have also been swirling on Twitter and message boards that other staff at BioWare Austin, the studio behind The Old Republic, has been laid off as well.

This could be part of a layoff plan that BioWare announced two months ago. Membership has struggled for the sci-fi massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which lost 400,000 subscribers earlier this year. BioWare has reportedly considered making Star Wars: The Old Republic a free-to-play game. [Gamasutra]


    • It is not sad to hear – there were a lot of people predicting this would happen.

      Thank god for Kickstarter and Indie games which will drag the PC out of the depressing crap the consoles have left humanity with. And before you start picking apart PC vs Consoles – next generation consoles will be PC’s just hooked up to your tv – required online DRM – single purchase code locked games unable to be resold once activated.

  • Me too! What the hell was with releasing legacy perks like faster XP gains months after release? By that point your enthusiast players have already levelled up completely

  • Im not sure what the problem is with swtor. I am playing endgame now and i have only just playing WoW for the first time and tor is a much more polished game.

    If anything Im getting bored of WoW, walking around collecting 15 duck bills gets old quickly

    Im interested to see sub levels as they stand now

    • that’s actually why. WoW was released what? 8 years ago? TOR is basically WoW in space, if it had been released 8 years ago, it would’ve done really really well, but this is 2012.

    • You collect 15 duck bills in TOR! They just have a cut scene before and after explaining the importance of duckbills.

      TOR is more visually polished however WoW is way more technically polished.

  • I don’t have a lot of time to spend playing games in general, therefore I had no choice but to give this up after my initial free month – I can’t see the point in paying for a months worth of access if I am only able to play for 10 days a month.

    If the subscription method was timed, i.e. pay for a block of hours (say 300hours/month) I would consider playing this game again.

    • actually paying for a set block of days would be better than a re-occurring month, 30 days that can be used over a period of time (6 months or so) would be ideal 🙂

  • Bioware had it coming. This is what you get for making a crappy MMO and blaming every one of your problems on your consumers.

  • My only gripe early on was ping times were poor and the legacy system should have been ready from launch. Other then that I love playing SWTOR.

  • It’s nothing short of a pity. This game could have been great. It was just a bit late – I would call this one of the last great MMOs, while that genre still exists as a separate entity.

    F2P, social media integration, multi platform integration or consistent online presence for multiplayer games – this is (maybe unfortunately) the way of the future.

  • Yeah this game got boring very quickly. It is basically WoW in space and coming from someone who got bored with WoW after playing from basically launch, SWTOR didn’t hold my attention very long. It’s a shame coz I love star wars and sci-fi in general but the game play was too same same.

    If you’re bored with WoW and SWTOR give The Secret World a go. It’s different enough to keep it interesting!

  • Too late and not innovative enough.

    I’m sure that Bioware originally approved the project while WoW was the hottest thing in gaming and MMOs appeared to be a pathway to money hats, but by the time it came out it was clear that WoW captured lightning in a bottle and that all attempts to clone WoW are doomed to failure.

    At least games like the Guild Wars franchise and The Secret War (and EVE) do something very different, which gives them a chance to survive in niches of varying size.

    You could say “hey, SWTOR got a million box sales and still has hundreds of thousands of subscribers” but imagine how expensive the SW license would be. It’s probably not a failure for Bioware overall, but I doubt it’s much of a success.

  • That’s the point i don’t understand “its WoW in space” Im playing both atm and from a gamers perspective i think WoW is the poor cousin of the two

    WoW is showing its age and is far more repetitive than tor imho

    • Level up a second character on the same faction if you want to see the definition of repetitive.. at least WoW gave you the choice of places to level in.

      I was a big supporter of this MMO, I bought the collector’s edition as pre-order, played from day 1 of early access.. I played for 3 months, and then I ran out of things to do. Once you hit 50, it really is WoW in space. The story stops, the cutscenes get skipped and you grind endless faction, dailies and raid 3+ nights a week earning your DKP to pick up loot so you can try the same stuff again on a harder difficulty setting.

      It had so much potential, wasted by going for the “raid or gtfo” endgame model. Such a small percentage of the playerbase seem to raid, I don’t understand why devs keep making it the focus. (Prior to Lich King for example, less than 10% of wow’s playerbase raided at all, from blizzards own statements)

      Enjoying The Secret World at the moment (though it’s not ever going to be a popular MMO, but it’s a great niche if you like problem solving and things like Sanctuary/X-Files etc). Guild Wars 2 is where I think I’ll end up for most of my game play time though. They seem like they have the right ideas when it comes to multiplayer co-op PvE.

  • In my Opinion the reason the Game failed was them not Includeing a better Space Aspect to the Game, The Space Missions where Horrid and most of the time just the same map with different Objectives. If they had of Done Something like Eve with the Space Aspect of the game it wouldve been Awsome. You cant really have a Star Wars game with out an Interesting Space Game.

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