Layoffs Hit Star Wars: The Old Republic Developers

Layoffs Hit Star Wars: The Old Republic Developers

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for the sprawling Star Wars-based MMO from EA Bioware. The Old Republic‘s solid debut couldn’t help the game from losing a sizeable chunk of players. Now BioWare Austin is losing some of the developers that helped build the game too, according to a statement issued today by BioWare founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka.


  • Unfortunate for them. bioware should have tried less drip feed of legacy content and released more up front. They are still sitting on the legacy abilities for levelling faster and levelling easier with pvp, even though most players have completely raised a while character and then some. Why would I care about improved xp gains a
    I have already levelled all my characters. Too little too late

  • Based on previous games that have suffered a decline in their playerbases, I wonder how long it will take for SWTOR to go free-to-play now.

    Games like Archlord (a rather good little Korean MMO) started out with a subscription and retail packaging, and now it’s a free download with a real money cash shop. Same for Lord of the Rings Online.

    • Star Trek Online is the same, and it seems to be doing mostly ok, which is good – because it’s a good game. I don’t know how much longer it has, I personally only tried it for a week after it went F2P and haven’t gone back, but I’d hate to see it go.

  • It’ll go the same was Warhammer Online.. still pay to play with such a small player base that everyone is just waiting for the servers to be shut down.

  • The game has been developed. They don’t need a full dev team anymore. It’s usually the case that a few people get the arse sometime soon after release. I really enjoyed the game until I got to Alderaan, then I was just confused as to why they were making each successive leveling area larger than the one before, instead of creating multiple and differing areas to level in. No wonder the Empire blew it up, Alderaan is boring and sucks balls.

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