Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Update 1.3

Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.3 is live, patching in a group finder tool and ranked player-versus-player combat, along with adaptive gear and Legacy character perks. Let's get those subscribers back, BioWare! [BioWare]


    Put a few hours in recently, only level 43 on my first guy, on the aussie pvp server there is only ever a handful of ppl on at any given time... Tyke game lacks something

      Really? I logged in about a week or two ago and fleet population was still over 200+ (during peak times) and most planets up till after chapter one are still around 100 give or take.

    Are you kidding ? This game rocks

    if you go to a starter world there will be no one there. if you go to imp or repub fleet i see 150 to 180 on most nights.

    Also you might want to find a guild to join, Im in a guild with 150 players and there is approx 20 something guildies on at any one time.

    If your trying to play this game like a sp game and expecting a mp experience you will not have a good time.

    I love SW:TOR and I think it's worth the money. A lot of people still expect it to be a WoW clone and I think that is an unfair expectation. It's a new MMO, of course it's going to have growth pains but that's the age we live in!

    I've never had as much fun playing an MMO than I have TOR. People have very selective memories when it comes to these games and minor problems seem to mean it's devoid of any merit by some people.

    Its cool that you guys are having fun... wake me when its F2Play.

    this game rocked it was very very cool in almost every aspect....... but i need more multiplayer than what this offered, it had a promising end game world with heaps of room to pvp in but yer it got boring quickly

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