Chinese WoW Players Are Sick Of Lies

Think you have it rough? Try being a World of Warcraft player in China. You have to deal with Western gamers who think all Chinese gamers are gold farmers as well as unfair stereotypes at home. And that's not all of it!

Chinese gamers are taking to micro blogging site Sina Weibo to vent about a recent broadcast on CCTV, China's state-run Chinese television. QQ Games reports (via TechInAsia) that the show used a dramatic recreation to tell the story of a man who was sucked into World of Warcraft. After ditching his day job to go on raids, he declared bankruptcy.

Online, Chinese gamers are upset that the broadcast overdramatized WoW, making it seem far more awful than it actually is. What's more, TechInAsia states that Chinese gamers are also upset that the program depicted things that apparently aren't even possible in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm — though, no word on those specific gripes.

"This time CCTV's lies are just too unprofessional," one gamer wrote.

And if this wasn't enough, Chinese gamers must contend with ridiculous censorship while playing the game. Words like "freedom", "sexy", and "passion" were banned from WoW when Wrath of the Lich King was released in China.

If you are curious in knowing how Chinese WoW players might feel, this video could shed some light on their predicament. It's a few years old, but judging by this latest incident, their plight isn't getting any easier. Start watching at the 1:40 point.

CCTV法制栏目被指黑魔兽 编故事T10能卖1万元 [QQ Games via TechInAsia]

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    Too painful to watch. I saw some of the changes they had to make when WotLK was coming out with regards to the skeletons. China, I'll visit it, But no way would or could I live with that kind of illogical censorship.

    I think what disturbs me is that the background music during the guy's speech is from the Van Hellsing Movie

    censored freedom?!
    geez that really is sad

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