Forza: Horizon Is Best Played As A Ryan Gosling Simulator

Forza: Horizon Is Best Played As A Ryan Gosling Simulator

I have a confession: I hated Forza Horizon when I first played it. Something about the tone, from Axe Body Spray sponsored races to the presence of terrible dubstep on the radio, just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. But then something happened as I was driving around.

I saw a sunset.

As Owen mentioned in his review, some of the scenery in the game is absolutely stunning. It captures the feeling of aimlessly driving around a sprawling environment, like Los Angeles or the countryside at dusk. For some reason, it reminded me a lot some of the quieter moments in the Ryan Gosling movie Drive.

So that’s exactly how I started playing it.

In the video above, I’ll show you what I mean. And if you haven’t seen Drive yet, I’d highly recommend doing so.


  • Does Forza Horizon let you stomp the living bejesus out of some dude in an elevator? Because that’d be awesome.

  • So…the only way you could enjoy the game, was by not playing the game?

    That said, I haven’t seen Drive yet so i can’t really judge.

    • It is a good movie. Watched for the first time 2 nights ago. Ryan Gosliing is pretty badass in it. All calm and nice and then BAM! Shit gets crazy.

        • Yeah, that was my main… not criticism, exactly… but yeah, given the premise of the movie, I thought there’d be a lot more in the way of car chases etc. As it stands it’s more of a crime/gangster kind of movie rather than a car chase movie. Still a great movie, just not necessarily what you’d expect if you’d just heard it was a movie about a stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver.

  • I have to be honest, the music they selected does give me the shits sometimes. Especially when music like this fits so much better. I wish you could actually have a custom radio station full of your own music though, like with the PC versions of TDU 1 and 2, rather than just overlapping all audio with it.

  • Drive is this generations Scarface no doubt.

    “Mmm…not so sure about this movie nothign much is really happe- HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME!!!!”

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