Forget Ryan Gosling In Drive. Check Out Mario In Kart

Man, that is one badassed jacket. That jacket is so badassed that even though this image is goofy and funny and ridiculous, I'm still impressed with Mario's total sexiness.

Wait until Princess Peach gets in an elevator with him. Oh man, it's gonna be awesome.

Anything happens in that five minutes and I'm yours. [Dan Hipp, Tumblr]


    He'll be head-stomping those goombas too

    Mario + pop-culture reference = guarenteed post on Kotaku (US haha)

    Why do nerds have to do this? With everything? Why must everything you have an interest in be mashed into something completely unrelated to make Frankenstein-esque monsters that are neither funny, nor intelligent. This image is so nonsensical it makes me want to weep for humanity.

    And yet still they receive praise and attention, all the while people thinking they like the mash-up, when really all it is they like is the parts used. Reminds me of any song by Girl Talk.

      "all the while people thinking they like the mash-up, when really all it is they like is the parts used"

      You've gotta be kidding me, the only unintelligent thing here is your comment eh. If people say they like things it's usually cause they like them. If you don't like mashups I've got an earth-shattering pro-tip for ya: Don't look at them.

      People are allowed to like more than 1 thing, and people are allowed to like ridiculous combinations of things. Just because you aren't entertained by the absurd doesn't mean other people aren't.

    Overrated movie is overrated, in fact you are better of thinking of Ryan Goslings character in that movie as being a functioning autistic, think Rainman meets Transporter.
    I like movies but that one didn't really do it for me.

      Everyone thinks he's such an awesome actor, all he does is smile smugly all the time... I wanna punch him in the face. lol

        I would rather watch Ryan Renolds be a smug smartass, at least he has personality

    looks a little like chopper from one piece

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