Get A Good Look At This Year's New Mass Effect, Hitman, Metal Gear & Devil May Cry Action Figures

As you should know by now, Square Enix's Play Arts studio have the rights to make action figures for more than just Square Enix properties. Which is why the cool toys you're about to see come from all sorts of publishers, franchises and games.

The figures in the gallery below constitute the upcoming slate for Play Arts, and include pieces from series like Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Hitman, Devil May Cry and Batman. Release and pricing information is below.

BATMAN: December, $US60 each.

DEVIL MAY CRY: November, $US70 each.

HITMAN: November, $US65

METAL GEAR: December, $US120

MASS EFFECT 3: December, $TBA


    Holy crap, the tali one is awesome! Probably easier to make as well, considering they didn't have to make a face, only a helmet.

    Who else had tali as their romance? : D

    Also metal gear one is awesome too.

      "Who else had tali as their romance?"

      Me! Just annoyed I had to get Liara to scratch my itch in ME1 b/c Tali wasn't an option :(

    Meh, these are all cra-OMG TALI QUICK WHERES MY WALLET

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