Mass Effect Toy Turns Commander Shepard Into Sparkly Burns Victim

Aaarrgghhhh my eyes.

These Play Arts Mass Effect figures looked so good when we first saw them! And while all the production copies of other Play Arts figures I've looked at here on Kotaku previously have been just fine, something's gone very wrong with Commander Shepard, who between initial prototyping and being boxed for sale has somehow turned into a South American soap opera star.

With a sparkly face.

No thank you.

Tomopop Review: Play Arts Kai Commander Shepard [Tomopop]


    Looks like someones photoshopped the head on, if this is a real life model of dodgy image editing then its pure genius.

    Given his complexion, I'd probably go with the helmets on option...

    I saw this yesterday in Gametraders with a $99 price tag. Dreamin'. Play Arts just get worse and worse...

    Hi I'm Commander Shepherd and this is.... argh my eyes!

    I got an ashley not to long ago

    she looked like a drag queen (I think her feet were glued on wrong)

      So what you're saying is the Ash figure is game-accurate, then?

    and how is that different from the end results of everybody who customises their Shepard? :P

    Oh wow, Commander Shepard is a 'Vampire'

    i usually give luke a lot of shit. but that is one funny title [imaginary article upvote +1]

    I bought Garrus and he looks great, albeit overpriced. But suddenly I have no interest in finishing the collection

    This explains why there was that enormous delay in releasing them.

    Lol, this is horrible. Unless they were going for a david blaine look, cause it kind of looks like david blaine.

    I'd suggest trying to kill it with fire, however it appears someone already tried that.

    he has been crying and his mascara has been messed up

    This action figure discriminates against the poor!

    Lol.. Kayne Shepard TELL ME YOU CAN'T SEE IT!! :D

    You'd better hope this comes with an opaque helmet.

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