Here’s What An Anti-Tobacco Video Game Looks Like

There's no more illusion that smoking is bad for your health. And tobacco companies are obliged to divulge the risks involved with using their products. They still want to making money, though, and resort to questionable means to market their wares to the public.

One of Big Tobacco's tactics is to lure in younger customers with flavored products, even though they're not supposed to. The anti-smoking activists at are firing back this strategy with a new campaign of their own, which casts those sweet tastes as horrific monsters. I got a chance to play Flavor Monsters this weekend at New York Comic-Con and you can take a look at the mobile game in action in the video above. It's a competent blend of shooting and tower defence. You can learn more about the game and its message right here.


    This is actually an ingeneous idea, and it looks pretty fun!

    Great game. Reminds me of how Tobacco Companies are doing even worse in the Developing World. In China, Philip Morris (now called Altria) is sponsoring children's school uniforms with the Malboro logo boldly printed on them. Other Cigarette manufacturers are busy printing anti-anti-smoking propaganda, extolling to indonesians that it is "patriotic" to smoke clover cigarettes, and that the doctors who are trying to stop them are "pawns" of "imperialist" powers trying to "ruin" indonesia's tobacco sector.

    Cigarette companies are ACTUALLY evil. During the 60's and the 70's, they ran many experiments themselves that showed just how deadly their product was. They knew. They knew for a long time. They did ALL THEY COULD to hide it. How evil is that? To know the health risks, and yet spend so much effort to hide it, to prevent their customers from knowing.

    They are ACTUALLY the worst scum in the world. They knowingly profited for years off human addiction and misery and they tried to hide and cover it up, even though they knew perfectly well the risks that cigarettes posed.

    They can't get kids in the developed world to smoke, so they go to Africa and Indonesia and Ukraine and China and fight like hell against any public health measure that would prohibit advertising or stop children, yes, CHILDREN from being exposed to cigarette smoke. They want brown and yellow and black kids to get addicted to smoking. That is their new market.

    I am not a religious man, but if I was, I'd be certain that they were a physical manifestation of Satan on Earth. But that's not true - they're not the devil. They're just some of the most evil people to exist.

    Ah - and before anyone gets on my case - I don't think SMOKERS are evil. I know Smokers. I've worked with Smokers. Smokers are fine people who have just made a bad decision, but a personal one that mostly just affects them. I've got nothing against smokers.

    It's the people who MAKE cigarettes and sell them - those are the evil people.

    Smokers? They're alright. Cigarette Manufacturers? Pure Evil.

    I smoked for years. I miss smoking. It WAS great until they added more chemicals and we started getting treated as substandard human beings. Kicked out of pubs, taxed to death and looked at as dirty. It's bullshit. I think this is a retarded idea.
    Smoking is socially acceptable which is the only reason it's tolerated. Because people have done it for hundreds of years. They're not allowed to advertize them in a positive manner, there are droves of anti-smoking adverts showing all kinds of horrific images and all packs are covered in anti smoking messages. Then those who do smoke get taxed fiercely too
    Simple question though, why the FUCK is alcohol not seen in the same way? Alcohol causes plenty of illnesses when drank in excess (which as a mostly binge drinking country, i'd say that excess is common) People don't control themselves when drunk in public which leads to vandalism, assaults (some of which are fatal) and even rape.
    Alcohol is also constantly advertized too. Like it's necessary to even have fun at all. And early teens are very much so effected by this. It's all they wanna do.
    Basing a game off the hatred of a industry is silly. Just like PETA's pokemon game.
    FIlled with biased opinions, one sided views, propaganda and subliminal messages.
    It's obvious that the Smoking industry is evil. No need to make a game about it. There's enough documentaries as is. That's not including the general prejudice that smokers get either.
    Make a game about alcohol companies, or the arms industry (who are the real manifestation of Satan)
    War profiteers are the worst people alive and dead

      Alchohol is not treated the same because it's possible to use it in moderation and not develop health problems. There is no such thing as "smoking in moderation", if you smoke, it will harm your body.

    What drew me to this post was that the screenshot of that "Metropolis" level reminded me a lot of Syndicate Plus (ask your dad, kids)... a game about a dystopian future ruled by multinational corporations that, in addition to hitsquads of unstoppable cyborg commandos, had interests in drugs, arms, pharmaceuticals, and the entertainment industry.

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