Missing A Leg? Have A 'Mediaeval Face'? You Could Star On Game Of Thrones!

A casting agency has put out urgent calls for extras, who will feature in the third season of HBO's Game of Thrones, currently filming in Northern Ireland.

They need male cellists, who have "medieval or period faces (ie. long hair and beard)", and they also need men who can film at night, appear in a battle and... are missing a leg.

Here's the casting call in full:

CELLISTS — brief: - Seeking MALE only cellists. Must have experience. - Ideally men with medieval or period faces (i.e long hair & beard) but not essential. - ATTN: [email protected] & include - A clear & current photograph (if you have video footage, please include it/attach link) - Your measurements including height, waist, chest & shoe size - Your level of experience and/or CV - You must be fully available for filming on the 15th through to the 19th of October. If successful, you will be contacted. Rate of pay will be confirmed at this point.

AMPUTEES — brief: - Seeking LEG ONLY, MALE AMPUTEES. - ATTN: [email protected] & include - A clear and current photograph - Your measurements including height, waist, chest & shoe size - A clear description regarding where your limb is missing eg. at knee, at ankle, etc - You must be fully available for filming on the NIGHT of October 12th. - You must be OK and comfortable with filming a scene within the context of a battle where your leg has been injured. Prosthetic makeup will be applied as though your leg has newly been severed. We understand that this is not for everyone, so please only apply if you are happy to participate.

Now, spoilers ahead, but this can mean only one thing.

The Red Wedding is coming.

Actually, it means two things: the show will then go downhill for a few years afterwards. But for now, let's just focus on the Red Wedding.

IT'S A NICE DAY FOR A... [Westeros, gif via uproxx]


    They''ll have serious trouble abbreviating books 3-6 for tv. Even reading the books became a chore once Martin got bogged down with characters noone cares about.

      Agreed but if they cut out some characters this could end up being better than the books

    Pick me! Pick me!... *starts chainsaw*

    They want the shoe size of leg amputees? "Honey, what size were my feet when I still had legs?"

      they want people with ONE leg. So they need shoe measurements for the other leg


    I think you mean "Medieval".

      The 'ae' is a diphthong and technically more correct.

    A Feast For Crows will weed out the casual fanbase. Honestly, I love the series to death, but waiting 5 years for that disappointment and another 6 years for the slightly better Dance has left me a little bitter. Ive stuck with Wheel of Time for 14 years, so I can take a beating, but George needs to get his groove back for Winds.

      Wheel of Time? I forgot about that series. Got lost and disillusioned by Book 11, didnt finish it. Dont have the heart or time to read from the beginning to understand all i've forgotten :-(

      You have stuck with WoT? Wow, serious staying power, I salute you.

      I slogged through that series and then gave up from sheer apathy after a while, which is stark (!) contrast to how eagerly I chewed through the first three books. I think the trilogy needs to come back into vogue. Learn to finish strongly, it requires far more talent/discipline than starting strongly.

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