Mordin And Tali Look Perfect In Dragon Age

Mordin And Tali Look Perfect In Dragon Age

We recently shared fan artist Andrew Ryan’s lovely Dragon Age/Mass Effect crossover art, starring our 22nd century sci-fi heroes in the roles and costumes of Thedas’s fantasy realm. That post featured a work in progress; Ryan has been adding detail and characters ever since.

Today’s additions are dynamic duo Mordin and Tali. The fantasy world of Dragon Age not being full of scientific labs (outside of the Circle, which I don’t think would suit either of them), these two find themselves in the Deep Roads, as explorers. Exploring what? Well, best not to ask.

Personally, I just want my character in Dragon Age III to get blades like Tali’s. Those look exceptionally deadly.

Dragon Effect: Mordin and Tali Deviant Art via Twitter]


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