Star Wars 1313 Will Not Be Affected By Disney Takeover Of Lucasfilm

The repercussions of Disney's acquisition on Lucasarts, Lucasfilm's game division, will no doubt be felt eventually — but in the short term, with certain games already deep in production? We'd expect games like Star Wars 1313 to be left well alone for the time being. According to Lucasarts itself, it's business as usual for the high budget Star Wars title focusing on the world of bounty hunters.

"For the time being all projects are business as usual," read a statement provided to IGN. "We are excited about all the possibilities that Disney brings."

Disney itself has been very keen to expand and invest more into gaming, but it hasn't been all that successful to date. It'll be interesting to see how it handles Lucasarts in the long term.

Disney Acquistion Will Not Affect Star Wars 1313 [IGN]


    Well all Disney does is making games for their movies. Of course there is limit on how far that can go. No one would give a Tarzan game goty award. Although I bloody love that game.

    That game defined my childhood!

    Anyone worried about LucasFilms in the hands of Disney should take a look at what they've done with Marvel since they bought them in 2009.

    Now give me a Joss Whedon-directed new Star Wars movie :)

      It was on 31-12 -09. The avengers production started in 2005. Most avengers stuff had already been developed. :-) - regardless I think Disney will do a great job.

        you'd be incredibly stupid to thing that they've done most of the Avengers prior to 31/12/09. 2005 is when they went "Hey world, FYI, we might be making an Avengers movie soon" and not when they started actual work on it. Heck they didn't even finish casting until like 2010.

    I saw on a disney blog, they were holding discussions with a dude named ewe bol? Dunno who the hell that is but they were talking about his links with pop culture, and the iconic pop culture of the universe of star wars


    Disney's desire to 'invest more into gaming' involves shitty social games and crappy phone shovelware though.

    Does this mean we will get a Han Solo shot first?
    So glad lucas wont fuck with the movies again and again and again and again...............

    Dear Disney

    KOTOR 3
    Republic Commando 2
    Battlefront 3
    Jedi Academy 2

    Feel free to gut Lucasarts and replace them with more competent types, they deserve it after what they did to Free Radical


      You left off a new X-Wing/TIE Fighter game

      "KOTOR 3
      Republic Commando 2
      Battlefront 3
      Jedi Academy 2"

      YES! ALL OF THIS!!

      Also perhaps a REBEL COMMANDO and JEDI KNIGHT 3!!!

      KOTOR 3 as long as it doesn't ruin Revan like that book did. That book reads more like fan fiction than anything.

    So the next Kindom Hearts game could have Vader and Luke, or C3P0 and R2D2...

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