The Biggest Transformer Of Them All Returns In 2013

There is one Transformer that towers, quite literally, above all others. Fortress Maximus. Released just as the franchise was preparing to transform into something that jumps sharks, he was prohibitively enormous (not to mention expensive), making him unobtainable for most '80s kids and thus also making it one of the most sought-after toys of today.

He can easily go for over $US1000 on sites like eBay, but for the less serious collector, salvation is at hand: it looks like the "figure" will be re-released next year.

A listing on toy superstore BBTS has turned up for Maximus. Priced at $US399 he's still super expensive, but this thing won't just satisfy a childhood dream, it'll let you ride in the carpool lane to work as well.

The original Fortress Maximus (and not his later "repaints") has not been available for sale since 1987.

#1 Encore: #23 Fortress Maximus [BBTS, via Tomopop]


    Inspired by the High Moon Transformers games I've gotten back into Transformers in a big way. You can get some great Gestalt Transformers online for under $200 AUD. I recently picked up Defensor and a couple of others. G1 is the way to go, avoid some of the re-release models as they look more Michael-Bay-era and less Stan-Bush-vintage.

    I had fortress maximus as a kid, not sure if original/reprint/bootleg, parents bought it for me when they went to China, this was one serious piece of plastic. Wonder if my soon to be son needs one of these, I think he does, dad will just keep it warm for him

      Lol! Sure, dad... Just like I have to "test out" my son's Star Wars stuff just to make sure they're "safe"...

    Hmm... Thought Omega Supreme was the largest... Was always on my wish list.

    I'll take a G1 Megatron over one of those self-righteous autobots any day.

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