Fan Disappointed With Transformer Toys Makes His Own

A gentleman surnamed Liu of Jinan, Shandong Province loves Transformers. But he always felt that all the Transformer toys didn't really transform or really move. So he decided to build his own.

Six month and 70,000 yuan (around $11,000) later, Liu created his own Transformer. Outfitted with hydraulics, the machine can lift itself up, transforming into a 4.8m tall robot.

The contraption is also a working car. It's powered by electricity and can travel up to 15km/h.

On the robot's chest, there's a screen that gives info about the invention. It can also run advertisements, proving that this fan project could have a commercial application. Sounds like there's more than meets the eye.

Villager constructs homemade transformer [Guangming Online]

Top photo: Record China


    Awesome idea, but the execution is a bit off. The car doors should extend out or something, it just looks like the bottom of a car and someone painted a face on it. But still, this is the beggining people... Soon we'll all have cars that transform into mechs by the press of a simple button. If you hit that button while you're driving though, you'll probably get smooshed up.

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