Two Foot Tall Metroplex Makes My Transformers Dreams Come True This Fall

When I first discovered the titanic Autobot Metroplex would be making an appearance in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, I experienced a brief rush of excitement — maybe Hasbro would make a new proper Metroplex toy! They'd reused the name for a silly giant from the Transformers: Cybertron line, why not?

Eventually I convinced myself this would never happen. He's too large, too pretty. Besides, I asked Hasbro PR guy Joe Moscone if there was a Metroplex in the works at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, and he told me there were no plans to make a new Metroplex toy. That's the same Joe Moscone that sent out the press materials today for the new Transformers debuting at the New York Toy Fair this week. Toys including the Titan-class Metroplex, standing over two feet tall and priced at $US125.

He's the tallest official Transformer ever, standing slightly higher that former title holder Fortress Maximus. He's also beautiful. Just look at him.

That's his robot mode, obviously. Like the original Metroplex he also has a vehicle form...

...and a city mode.

Metroplex isn't the only cool toy coming out of the Transformers Generations line this year. Triple Changers Springer and Blitzwing triumphantly return to store shelves, which is incredibly exciting. The purple Megatron from Fall of Cybertron makes an appearance, and my goodness — the first official figure of Orion Pax, the Autobot that would one day become Optimus Prime.

That's an exciting line-up, but Metroplex — Metroplex wins everything. Thank you, Hasbro. My children are in the mail.


    This is awesome, if it was the Fall of Cybertron version of Metroplex I would instantly be $125 poorer.

    i saw the new megatron in the comics - is this alt mode in the cartoon as well?

      Megatron's alt mode in the current cartoon (TF:Prime) is a Cybertronian spaceship, he doesn't take an earth-based vehicle mode.

        yeah i did a bit of research and this mode is from the idw comics (ie the ones i saw it in in the first place :))

    SWEET! I misplaced my childhood Metroplex (as a child), interested in picking this bad boy up.

    It's such a great looking figure. But I have some reservations. The city mode looks terrible. They would have been so much better off basing it off the Fall of Cybertron design. Plus, I have nowhere to put a 2 foot tall Metroplex toy that has no meaningful appearances in any Transformers fiction that I care about.

    While a very cool figure, it's not for me.

    I see what I'm buying this year.

    Springer, Blitzwing and possibly Astrotrain.

    Even the Optimus is good, like I don't have enough Primes lying about the place.

    Edit: Turns out the Black Stealth Bomber thing is Megatron. They did mention a Fall of Cybertron Astrotrain but. The Optimus is actually Orion Pax, who becomes Optimus.

    Last edited 11/02/13 11:30 pm

    Good article Mike! I'm pretty psyched about these releases too!

    Though at the risk of sounding like a know-it-all, this isn't the first official Orion Pax figure. Takara/eHobby did a G1 Orion a few years ago and last year there was an Orion Pax as part of the Japanese Transformers Prime line.

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