Metroplex Is Still The Best Thing About The New Transformers Game

That's not to degrade the rest of the game, which is due out later this year. It looks just fine. It's just a testament to how glorious Metroplex is. I mean, transforming into a fighter jet or a truck is cool, I guess, but transforming into a city? That's how you get stuff done.

This isn't the first time we've seen the Autobot's metropolitan enforcer; he first turned up in an E3 trailer last month. But it's always nice to see him again.


    I am so ready for this game. My mind and body is prepared.

    Gonna dig out my original Metroplex transformer.

      THE best christmas ever was getting Metroplex when i was 11. I used to take it to school and have the city mode taking up most of my school desk. Ahh, memories.

    Must get this game

    The best thing is still Dinobots fighting Bruticus, and Starscream being shot in the face.

    God... damn...! That is all O.O

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