The Secrets To Dishonored's Stealth, Revealed!

Evan's Note: There's nothing like getting a super-sneaky kill in Dishonored, is there? One minute, a City Watch Guard is looking out for trouble. The next, he's just dinner for a horde of plague rats.

Arkane Studios' acclaimed new game lets players mix up an impressive suite of abilities to eliminate your foes' in incredibly inventive ways. But, for all the magic at Corvo's disposal, there are still times that the master assassin needs to hide in the nooks and crannies of Dunwall's massive steampunk architecture. Dishonored lets you lean, though, and elevates the act of tilting your body around corners into a nigh-omnipotent power.

At least it seems that way sometimes, right?

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    I just did a little dance back and forth on PC. Oh stealth games and your little dances.

    "You can dance when you want to, you can leave your friends behind.."

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