There's Now A Disney Voltron, And It's Fantastic

Growing up in the 1980s, Voltron was a big part of my childhood. There was Voltron with the lions and then Voltron with the vehicles. Another big part of my childhood was Disney, and there wasn't a Disney Voltron. Until now.

Today, Bandai announced (via GetNews) that it's launching a Disney Super Robot next March in Japan. The robot is made up of seven robots (well, eight if you count Pluto's dog house) that, well, voltron together to form a truly awesome Disney robot.

In case it's hard to make out, that small robot at the top is Steamboat Willie.

This Super Alloy King Robo: Mickey and Friends is priced at ¥13,440 ($170), stands at 22cm, and will get its first public showing in Japan this weekend in Tokyo's Akihabara.

ディズニーのキャラクターたちが合体ロボになっちゃった!? [GetNews]


    If I had a never-ending supply of disposable income I would buy the crap out of this, just so I could laugh at it every time I looked at it on my shelf.

    This is awesome. Had the cash to waste/spend on this I would buy it.

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