This PC Case Mod Is Perfect For Space Battles

Iconic Japanese anime Space Battleship Yamato (localised and edited for the West as Star Blazers) comes alive with this special case mod.

The mod is on display at Akihabara PC shop, Olio Spec, and it was made with Yamato themed pachinko machine parts to achieve that flashy look.

ド派手な「宇宙戦艦ヤマトPC」 [Akiba PC Hotline!]

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    That case is lit up like a pinball machine.

    2002 called - they want their case mod back. It's all about clean design and minimalism these days.

    Last edited 30/10/12 1:00 am

      Sounds boring.

      I like that it's all bright and colourful, reminds me of the Megazord Deluxe that I wish I never let get sold. Stupid parents.

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