Wait A Minute, There Isn't A Diablo III Movie

Reader Oliver spotted this DVD case staring out at him from the Hispanic section of his local Walmart.

I've seen movies try and cash in on current trends or blockbusters before, but never one this blatantly, or in such a bizarre fashion. El Diablo de Culiacan, released last year, isn't a fantasy movie at all. It's about drugs, and gangsters, and terrible acting.

But when one of the words in your cheap movie's title is the same as one of the year's best-selling video games, your marketing people do what must be done.


    "... your marketing people do what must be done."

    It is kind of like how kotaku slipped in their watermark on this very image.

    It seems Mr. Plunkett likes to play with watermarks. Putting them in.... and FAMOUSLY removing them.

      Wow. I just looked up what you meant. I never realised that Gawker and Reddit were at such odds.

    I'm not sure "The Hispanic section" is ... just... that's not right.

    It is not right. It is left. Left of the 'oriental' shelf and just above the 'black peoples' segregation of movies.

    I think it's actually a music video on DVD. El Diablo De Culiacan is the name of a mexican song that looks to have been covered by every band in the entire country, including La Arrolladora Banda El Limon and Grupo Atomo who are mentioned at the bottom of the box.

    This one:

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