Wrap-o-matic: Over The Weekend (Diablo III / Blizzard Edition)

Guess what was announced on the weekend? That’s right, it was Diablo III. To help you get up-to-date on everything that went down, I’ve collected all our Diablo III and Blizzard Invitational content here.

Blizzard Worldwide Invitational (includes some Diablo III stuff):
Blizzard Worldwide Invitational: ‘There Is No Penguin Level’
Blizzard Worldwide Invitational: Day One
Blizzard Worldwide Invitational: How Much Is Your Goody Bag Worth?
Blizzard Worldwide Invitational: Diablo III In-Depth

Diablo III screenshots, trailers and info:
One Stop Shopping For Your Diablo III Trailer Needs
Just … Forget About Diablo III on a Console, Mmkay?
Diablo III Videos (Trailer, Gameplay Footage)
Diablo III Webpage Filled With Trailers, Screens, Evil
A Blurry Screen From Diablo III
Blizzard Announces Diablo III

Everything else not Blizzard-related:
Crytek’s CEO: Piracy Threatens PC Exclusivity
Kotaku Originals: Recipe for a Douche Simulator
New Soul Calibur IV Screens: Tits


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