Why Are You Not Playing Incredipede *Right Now*?

I didn't really know what to expect when I saw twitter was abuzz about Incredipede, but I certainly did not expect a game that takes the most interesting parts of a game like QWOP, and transforms them into something more forgiving, and a lot more fun!

In short — I think you should play this game right now.

Incredipede is, like a great number of games you've played, about moving from left to right. But the difficulties, and the obstacles you overcome, are incredibly compelling. Mostly because you have to earn every single step you make by mastery, or problem solving.

I don't want to say too much, because a huge part of what makes Incredipede interesting is the act of discovery. Just go and play it!

Incredipede [Northway Games]


    Oh, thought it was a phone game, nevermind.

    Well there goes my productivity for Friday.

      Meh. The words "productivity" and "Friday" should never appear in the same sentence anyway.

        How about, "My productivity on a Friday is super low, and I blame Serrels for it." ;)

    Stupid Flash requirements. School computers are only on 10 and seem to be stopping me from updating :(

    Stupid Adobe not updating flash player to 11.3 yet for Fedora, I am currently using usb live fedora to bypass installing programs on my schools computer but this is annoying when nothing works, I can even use youtube.

    I gave it a quick bash, the art style is gorgeous but it feels a lot like Fantastic Contraption to me.
    Keep in mind that that's not a bad thing :P

    Does it differ from Fantastic Contraption past the early levels?

    Cool little game. Played the first 10 levels before I decide I should continue working... :D

      Yes, I also ran into the "Buy to Unlock" screen :)

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