Before Or After: Which Fuse Box Cover Do You Like Better?

Before Or After: Which Fuse Box Cover Do You Like Better?

This is the new box art for Fuse, an upcoming shooter developed by Insomniac, the folks behind Ratchet & Clank and Resistance.

Here’s the full shot:


This is what Fuse used to look like, back when it was called Overstrike (before they changed things up):


So which do you prefer? Cartoony shades or gritty scowls? Marching or standing? Full heads or half heads?


  • disapointed… thought this was going to be about someone drawing cool stuff on peoples fuse boxes in their houses 🙁

  • Looks budget priced already… Something about 4 letter games that aren’t Halo… What was that rubbish one on Sony?… Haze? Yeah… That

  • I think it’s weird that they cut the characters heads in half. Makes it look really odd. I approve of the new artstyle though.

  • Hmmm. I rather like the new one. I hope it’s kept its humour that was in the original trailer. Would be pretty awesome then. Otherwise it’ll just be another generic shooter :/

  • I like the part where the cool space marine with special powers looks cool in front of the other cool space marine with a cool gun. Inventive stuff.

  • I like both, although the cut off heads is strange.
    However the original has a really cool style that makes me think of No One Lives Forever.

  • Why did they cut the heads off? Is it because the designers were ashamed at how generic they made the characters compared to when it was first revealed as overstrike and they had personalities are we interesting?

    Also why is everything on fire? Is it trying be be a battlefield cover? Why?

  • They’re both just awful. Woefully generic looking.

    I know we shouldn’t judge a game (or a book) by its cover, but this is making a bad first impression on me. Perhaps they should have showed us some of the game instead and saved the box art for nearer the release date. Unless the game is as generic as the cover, in which case it’d be in their best interest to not draw too much attention to it.

  • While the top one does look interesting in it’s own way, the bottom one just has more personality. I’ll take personality thanks.

  • It looks like the Battlefield guy found some friends. I’m disappointed that Insomniac went in this direction as the original game looked like it could be a bit more fun. Hopefully it’s just a book’s cover belying a fantastic read.

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