Can Someone Please Save This Cat From The Crane Game Machine? Please?

Children have accidentally crawled into crane games before, so why wouldn't there be a cat in one? And look how comfy the animal is, just sprawled out on those soft, plush toys.

Still, I do hope someone got the cat out — and not by using the claw.

Ganar un gato en máquina de peluches [[email protected]]


    I know how! You need to use the claw to grab a toy and lure the cat out.

    Watching them trying to claw the cat kind of reminds me of animal abuse :(

      The Claw is actually really weak, the machine is specifically designed not to have a strong grip unless a certain number of games are played. So it would be like using your index, middle finger and thumb to claw at your cat :)

        Unless it hit that sweet number 30 or whatever it's programmed for. Then it might hurt the poor cat!

        Not necessarily, you can have the claw grab and retain strength settings higher just depends how much you want them paying out, some claws can lift pretty heavy plush... The guys clawing at the cat are pieces of shit and how would they like that being done to them

          Go play one of these claw games, and realise how little you actually know about them.

            There is a % chance for the claws to grip much harder then the usual impossible to pick anything up grip. I don't know if there would be enough strength to hurt the cat on one of these winning grips but I'm guessing it'd do more then mildly annoy it as show in the video were they to happen upon one.

      Oh, because that cat's probably never clawed anyone in it's life.

    Come to think of it, this is a brilliant way to get people to waste money on claw machines. Picture how many people had a laugh trying to get the cat out. Hell, even if they didn't go for the cat i'm certain it would swipe any would be prizes straight out of the claw grasp. It's a win-win!

    The dude behind the camera sounds like hes gonna die laughing.
    Also, that claw is only going to give the cat a mild backrub. No way it will be able to lift it

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