Crazy Man Plays Call Of Duty For 122 Hours Straight*

Okan Kaya, an Australian sales manager from Sydney, has set a new world record for the longest consecutive gaming session, racking up 122 hours playing the recently-released Black Ops II.

It's a feat with a disclaimer, though: as Wired reports, he didn't really play for 122 hours in a row. Because the human body would, well, die were that the case, Kaya was allowed to either take a ten-minute break every hour, or bank those breaks into larger blocks where he could get some sleep.

It took him five days to achieve the feat, though, so he didn't rest for long. For his troubles he not only now owns a Guinness World Record, but he also, if only temporarily, rose to 37th place on Black Ops II's leaderboards.

Man breaks record for longest gaming session, clocks 122 hours [Wired]



      yeah this is a world record I would never want to hold under any circumstances. Even if money was involved.

    There are 120 hours in 5 days, yet it took him that long to play 122. o_0

    I feel sorry for the dude.

    What a horrible game to play for that long.

    Wow. It only took me 3 1/2 hours to finish the last CoD I play (Black Ops, and was bored of it about an hour in). He mustn't be very good :P

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      Wanna give the article a re-read? He was playing multiplayer, not singleplayer.

        Really??? the ":P" at the end of my comment was to let people know I wasn't being serious. I guess sarcasm is a hard thing to convey in text.

        Oh yeah, the "Really???" in this comment is more sarcasm. ;P

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    All that and he only got to 37 in the rankings? I'd hate to see what kind of specimens occupy the top 36 places.

      Day by day, the machines are gaining ranks upon us; day by day we are becoming more noobish to them; more men are daily bound down as slaves to feed their scores, more men are daily devoting the energies of their whole lives to the development of mechanical life. The upshot is simply a question of time, but that the time will come when the machines will hold the highest ranks on all multiplayer game titles.

      Every machine of every sort should be pwnd by the well-wisher of his species. Let there be no exceptions made, no quarter shown; let us at once go back and reclaim our precious ranks and titles.

    Considering we know how much damage these kinds of marathons can do to the human body/brain, is it a good idea that Guinness offers records for this kind of stuff. They stopped offering alcohol related records a long time ago. I think they also stopped any tobacco related ones too.

    Seems like a potentially dangerous incentive.

    Having said that...good for him, I guess?

    You mad brah?!

    What scares need is that despite having played the game so much, he's only 37th on the leader boards...

      II'm guessing maybe there's a few people using the same account name to try and get that coveted number one spot. Otherwise there could be a massive DVT related death pandemic on the horizon soon.

    he also had 10 minute breaks every hour. i think they must have meant 6 days.

    Yeah, how this guy still has gainful employment is beyond me

    You could leave out the bit about the 122 hours in the title and it would still make sense.

    Had a look on the facebook page. One of the updates said it was 121 hours with 20 hours break (almost 6 days i think?). Can't imagine the serious health implications of doing it though, i know for a fact if i do a 14 hour overnight session, i go a little insane after 12 hours and find everything and anything amusing and so do my mates.

    Yep, along with others, this is one record that no-one should really be envious about.

    He could have done it without a break if he got on the crystal meth

    Man, I think I easily aced that record playing Skyrim.
    But I guess that game is actually worth putting the time into, so it's no remarkable feat.

    So.. since he actually took breaks.. it's not the longest play session. I don't care what they want to say to try and justify the breaks etc.. there were breaks, therefore it is not a singular play session. Fail.

    At the same time I set the record for the world's longest consecutive sex session. I looked similar at the end of it but it was far more rewarding.

    I don't have black ops II, but he doesn't have sex.

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