Domino's Pizza Is Giving Out Truly Bizarre Discounts In Japan

Japanese people love pizza. The three most popular delivery restaurants that duke it out for the country's pizza pie preferences are Napoli Pizza, Pizza Hut and Domino's.

But as of today, Domino's might get more business thanks to an amazingly odd discount campaign. You can get 25 per cent off your delivery if you have one of the following:

• Facial hair • Ponytails • Four kanji characters in your last name • Twins • 1980s clothing, like shoulder pads or a skin-tight mini-skirt • A high school uniform • A parrot • A dorky t-shirt • A rural Japanese dialect

If you have all of these, you can get half off your order. This unusual campaign starts today Japanese website Rocket News went ahead and ordered a pizza, snagging the dorky t-shirt discount. (Note: Part of the process to actually get said discount involves you picking which discount you want when you order and then sending out a message via either Twitter or Facebook — but you do get an added 5 per cent for your online order.)

And on the receipt, it actually says "Dorky T-shirt" discount. Quick question: Are Bon Jovi t-shirts dorky?

Amazing Coupon Festival [Dominos] ドミノピザがまたしても斬新キャンペーンを実施! [ロケットニュース]


    Well I certainly consider Bon Jovi dorky but why leave it to the drivers "taste" and whimms when the guy has facial hair that isn't debatable?

      I imagine that's the point, it's no fun to test something that's obvious like facial hair.

    >Are Bon Jovi t-shirts dorky?

    Bon Jovi shirts are more likely to be considered dorky in Japan, at a guess.

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