In Japan, Domino's New Pizza Has Over Two Pounds Of Cheese

Domino’s has just released a “New Yorker One-Kilo Ultra Cheese” pizza that has been covered with, that’s right, one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of 100 per cent mozzarella cheese.

The pizza measures 40-centimeters in diameter and clocks in at 3,824 calories.

Image: Domino’s Japan

This is way bigger than your typical Domino’s pizza in Japan. Below is a comparison with a regular medium-sized pizza on top.

Available for two weeks only, it costs 4,000 yen ($US37 ($53)) for delivery or 2,640 yen ($US24 ($35)) for pick-up in-store with a coupon.

This Twitter user apparently finished the pizza...

... in five hours.


    Hope people who eat this are fine with not shitting for a week.

      I'm scientifically curious now to see if that's true...

      If I'm gonna die from a cheesy butt plug I should probably go out picking the right sort of cheese on my pizza.

    I've said it once, and I'll continue to say it until I die. Japan is full of crazies

    For reference, that calorie count is about the equivalent of around one and a half Australian New Yorker Big Cheese dominos pizzas or three to four regular sized Simply Cheese pizzas.

    3,824 calories = 15999.62 Kj

    New Yorker THE BIG CHEESE = 9520kj
    SIMPLY CHEESE = 4216kj

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