Gamer Plays DOTA Instead Of Celebrating Anniversary, Gets Hurt In Process

Anniversaries are often important days, particularly those that involve relationships. One gamer in China's northeastern city of Changchun chose to play DOTA instead of celebrating his anniversary with his girlfriend. Good things did not happen.

On Halloween, 27-year-old Zhao and his 26-year-old girlfriend Xiao Qing were supposed to celebrate their two-year anniversary, but misfortune befell them. Zhao, who lost his job recently, spent most of his time at home playing DOTA, whereas Qing had a day job. Coming home and expecting to go out for a romantic evening, Qing was disappointed to see Zhao still laying about at home playing DOTA.

After waiting for Zhao to get his act together, Qing realised that Zhao was stalling for time and it wasn't in his intentions to leave the apartment. He just wanted to play DOTA with his friends. Finally fed up with waiting, Qing walked up behind Zhao's computer and unplugged the ethernet cable.

Startled and obviously upset, Zhao yelled angrily at Qing, trying to get the cable back. The two had a back and forth, and Qing ran away from home crying. Zhao didn't chase after her. Upset that his game was ruined, he decided to go out drinking with a friend.

Zhao ended up drinking quite a lot that night, so much so that he got into an accident. Zhao had stepped onto the road while drunk and was sideswiped by a passing taxi.

The following morning, with his leg injured, Zhao tried to find Qing to make up for his "stupidity", but he wasn't able to find her. Calling her mobile only led to automated messages. Finally Zhao reached out to the media in hopes that his remorse could reach Qing.

"I just kept playing my game without taking her feelings into account. I truly regret it. I believe what happened to my leg is punishment for the way I treated Qing. I was wrong and I won't play games in the future," said Zhao.

DOTA玩家不愿庆祝恋爱纪念日 女友怒拔网线出走[Tencent Games]


    Interesting the story is from Tencent. I recall they have a stake in Riot Games devs of League of Legends.

    I hope he doesn't mean that he won't play games -ever- again. Just make sure to put your relationships before anything else and don't take the ones you love for granted.

    do zhao and qing live in a soap opera?

    i feel like i just read a episode summary

      Like bytes through the ethernet. So are dota games of our lives??

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