GRID 2’s Achievements Will Be Written By Achievement Hunters and have been tapped to draw up the achievements and trophies in GRID 2, due for release by the end of March. Publisher Codemasters and the two sites made a joint announcement of the team-up yesterday.

“For years we’ve been criticising lackluster achievement and trophy lists and now, we finally get the chance to put our money where our mouth is,” Dan Webb, the two sites’ editor-in-chief, said in a statement.

Webb’s publications will follow the creation of the lists with a series of features and videos, giving some insight into a process many know little about.

As I’m sure Webb knows, in addition to the incentives achievements place on playing and replaying a game, they’re also a means through which designers invite you to try certain features of the game or notice some aspect of its design that you may not otherwise. So it will be interesting to see how a third party balances a studio’s interests with those of the fans, and how people approach developing an achievement list for a game they haven’t yet played.

X360A & PS3T to Design GRID 2 Achievement & Trophy List In World First [ h/t Mopey]


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