The Big Question: Do You Care About Achievements/Trophies?

Once upon a time I actually, tragically, cared about my achievement points. I was in some sort of weird race with my brother to get to 20,000 and I actually played certain games with the intent of scoring points. Nowadays? Achievements are just a weird thing that pop up on my screen every now and then.

Do you still care about achievements? Did you ever care about Trophies?

At one point I actually cited achievement points as a reason for playing games on the Xbox 360 instead of my PlayStation 3. What the hell was wrong with me?

Nowadays I've done a complete flip. Not only do I not care about trophies and achievement points, they sort of annoy me. Particularly when they pop up onscreen during pivotal moments in a game or during an important cut-scene. I keep forgetting to turn off the notifications. Urgh.

Anyway, question of the day: do you still care about achievements or trophies?


    I don't care about them - but I do get a smile every time one pops up and don't find the pop ups annoying.

      only trophies i ever cared about were in Mario Kart. the rest....meh.

      Exactly the same here. Yes, I "care" in that I like getting them and occasionally check which ones I have, but I don't usually care so much as to actually pursue them.

      On the other hand I get a bit annoyed when I've played a game from beginning to end and get no more than 20% of the achievements available. That says to me that the devs are trying to get me to waste my time, especially since I normally try to explore a game reasonably thoroughly.

      It doesn't annoy me enough to spend time on those achievements. I'd rather play something new and interesting than grind achievements.

        I can totally agree with you on the games that require multiple grindy play-throughs. I enjoy my JRPGs but when there are bad ending, multiple good endings and true ending trophies that mean you need to do half a dozen play-throughs just to get them all, it turns me off.

          Yep - agree with both of you on all points.

    theres only been two acheivements that I've cared about enough to actually go out of my way to get -
    the one in Rocksmith 2014 for beating 15 tracks in score attack in Master mode, and the one in Torchlight 2 for beating it on insane difficulty with a hardcore character. other than that... nope.

    If i am playing on a console then i love achievements :) gives me little goals to work towards that i normally wouldn't care about. If i am on Steam then i don't care in the slightest i am just having a good time. on WOW i loooove achievements haha.

    I used to care about them a little but more recently, I just haven't given the slightest of a damn.

    As a matter of fact, one of the things I loved about Journey was that no trophies popped until the end of my first run. It turns out that wasn't a design choice, I just didn't earn any. It was still damned rad.

    More recently, I did make an effort to earn all achievements in Spelunky. Part of it is because the Spelunky subreddit gives flairs to people for beating Olmec, beating Yama and getting all achievements but mostly it was because the harder achievements were genuinely interesting challenges. Let me tell you, no gold runs of Spelunky are a hell of a thing.

    Of course, I'm still playing the game and aiming to do things beyond what the achievements call for (solo eggplant run, $2m+ score run, sub 4min low% run). Maybe the achievements themselves were the driving factor here, my own insanity definitely played a part.

    I sure do care! I think a game with a good, creative achievement list can encourage me to see things or do things in a different way than I may have, sans achievements. And some achievements I have unlocked over the years I am genuinely proud of, like 5* every song in Guitar Hero 3 on expert.

      I agree with you insomuch that an achievement that was actually difficult is actually worth achieving. However. The current state of things is what puts me off them.

      Whenever I see Achievement Unlocked: First Login, deep inside me is an earth shattering groan trying desperately to escape.

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    I only care about achievements in WoW that actually reward you with something, whether it be an in-game title, mount or pet. Other than that, couldn't care less about them but I wouldn't say they annoy me.

    I think I answered this question recently and the short answer is "yes, but..."

    The long answer is that the Xbox One interface has made viewing achievements incredibly inefficient. While I get a degree of satisfaction from unlocking achievements, I no longer actively pursue them or care about my completion total. If the game itself has rewards for in-game completion of collectibles or what have you I will consider if I am interested in doing that for it's own sake rather than adding 20 points to my gaming penises.

    Basically, I cared until the 360 stopped being my primary games console. Now... not really. I like them in principle but they're no longer inextricably woven into the experience of playing the game like they once were. Oddly I care more about Steam achievements now, since the details of which achievements are unlocked is front and centre when I view the game in my library.

      Havent they updated the UI to make the achievements a bit more front and centre? I know mine has some sort of leaderboard with the top 5 people on my friends list with the most points this week or month or whatever it is. And the snap achievements is cool.

      I dont really care about them so dont use it unless I unlock one and want to see what it was.

        My problem is when you go to your notifications it shows you the achievement you unlocked but when you try to look for more detail it launches the game. You have to go to the achievement-specific menu and even then it will still prompt you. The minimalist design of the snap menu for achievements is actually the perfect achievement-viewing menu, I just wish it was available without being a snap option for the specific game you're playing. In short, the current system is overly convoluted. What I want is a checklist, and I don't see what was wrong with the old system on the 360.

          Yeah I get you, there is still some tweaks needed to the UI overall. MS did it with the 360. That thing evolved heaps over its lifecycle. And I think its gotten way better in this short amount of time. I reckon it'll come good eventually.

          Not having much care for achievements its not bothered me.

        Like a lot of the XBOX One UI it's technically doing what it used to but it does it in a very disconnected way. Where the XBOX 360 would just instantly pop up an overlay the XBOX One takes you into another app (with all the loading that comes with that). Even when it's snapped to the side it somehow takes you out of the game more than the old full screen overlay.
        They were aiming for modular with the XBOX One using apps for core functionality but it ended up making a lot of very smooth experiences way too rough to bother with. It doesn't help that company wide Microsoft seem to have no clue what makes an app good. My Lumia, Surface and XBOX all have apps that prove Microsoft think 'app' means 'regular software smashed with a hammer until it fits onto a touch screen'.

    I don't care about achievements as a measure of e-peen, but I do care about them as a way of new challenges to try within a game. That's why it really annoys me when a game's achievements are just based on progression or act as milestones for something you do naturally often in a game (eg. Defeating 1000 enemies or collecting 200 bajillion collectibles).

      As @blacksword says below those type of achievements are a good measure of how far people are progressing in a game. So you can see how far through a friend is.
      Although the primary reason for those is for the developer to see how far people are going, if there is a massive road block or where people are rage quitting

    I still care about achievements. I think it's a great way of letting others know "Hey I have completed this game" and helps you explore and experience everything that has been put into a game by its developers.

    I don't give a toss now. I got 100% achievements in 1 360 game and have platinum trophied a couple of Playstation games but it's not something I actively seek out to do unless I have gained most of them just by playing the game normally.

    I'm a completionist with most of my favorite games, so they provide proof and tangible reward for both incredibly hard accomplishments, and shows your dedication and enjoyment of the game. Nothing wrong with that. E.g., I only have the Beat Zico trophy left to get on WipEout HD, and I'm very proud of that.

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    I never used to, but nowadays they are an itch i need to scratch, especially on Steam and PS4. I dedicated 140 hours to XCOM on Steam because I was trying to get all achievements (and have almost got them). It gives a game replayability in my case. I'm sure I'll get sick of it at some point, but right now I am always keen to try and get whatever I can.

    Nope, but when one pops up I'll typically go in to it and find out what it was for.

    Nope, have never given a stuff about achievements at all.
    I find they generally pull me out of the game experience as well, I don't like them or see the poitn of them honeslty.

    Never have, never will. In fact, I deplore them.

    Achievements are for the "everyone is a winner" crowd. The hand holding generation in which needs to be drip fed constant positives for the tiniest things or their frail little minds will explode.

    An achievement for a game used to be unlocking a new character, power, or level. But since that's now something you pay for, we have seen it been replaced by meaningless praise. Heck, some of the hardest games ever in gaming only gave you a crappy screen with congratulations written on it... And then a bit telling you to grow some balls and complete it on hard mode

      One could argue that you're in the 'gimme gimme gimme' mindset because you're focused on the reward. Obviously they'd be wrong, but that's more or less the simplification you're making with people who enjoy achievements. I was fully completing games decades before achievements. Completitionists are one of the base gamer types.
      Sure there are some people who care too much about their gamerscore but they tend to be the ones who don't care about the game praising them. They tend to be the ones who view it in a spreadsheet and don't care how or why they were given the achievement as long as it makes their score go up.

      And then a bit telling you to grow some balls and complete it on hard mode

      One of the most common achievements is 'beat it on the hardest difficulty mode', usually with a 'beat it on hard mode while doing something stupid like not using anything other than the default gun' thrown in for kicks.

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    Honestly answer: Yes.

    BuBut can I be bothered? No.

    I like trying to get as many as I can in the course of playing a game but once I'm done I don't usually go back to get ones I've missed

    Not really. Mainly since the 360 never got much attention from me.

    On the one hand it's really cool having these little challenges in there that can get you off the beaten track and doing things you otherwise wouldn't. And accidentally finding something is pretty cool. But on the other, having that popup chime in whenever you reach the end of a level or something is ridiculously annoying and jarring and I hate it.

    I don't care at all for system-wide achievements, and don't understand why people were always screaming for Nintendo to add them in. If a dev wants to have something like that in their game then hey, go for it. It was a cool touch to have a few little secret sequences in Metroid Prime 3 be acknowledged and rewarded. But it's totally not necessary for every single game.

    I like them as an added trial to test yourself and give more reason to go back and play games you love or in some cases try out rpg classes you never would have tried before or play styles you never would have before, there just a fun little collectible

    I use to care allot more than I do now, not sure if its the whole X1 interface or just getting older and no time for it, I had about 54k on an old profile that was filled with some shockers, Avatar, movie games, kids games, all sorts, have tried to keep my current profile relatively respectable, I'm just shy of 75,000G, basically now if its still fun I'll do it.

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    Only on games I like as it sort of promotes another playthrough. Although it's nothing I go out of the way for, evident by my low amount of PS trophies.

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    Neope....I've resigned to the fact that I'm terrible at mos tgames. The only games where I do go for platinum tho are the Lego games....cos they're easy to get with patience.

    I like them but the way I play, I'll start a game, not finish it and go back a few months later and restart it. I'd love to be able to reset the trophies for a replay.

    Also, I'd care a LOT more if they seperated single-player and multi-player trophies. Nothing like buying a 3-4 year old game and not being able to 100% it because the servers have been shut down

      3 or 4 years? Try 3 or 4 weeks. The server may still be up but it's usually a ghost town on anything that's not a hugely established multiplayer brand. The world could use more optimistic developers betting on their games being more than just a flash in the pan, but be realstic when you add achievements.
      Beyond that multiplayer achievements just suck because 90% of the time they encourage players to play badly/selfishly. I remember with Halo 3 I got sick of playing because every other match was both teams coming to the silent agreement to stop fighting and grind out the multiplayer achievements.

    I used to care more on 360, but i still care a fair bit on the One,
    I like to think of most achievements as little bonus objectives, and i look for opportunities to get them. I also really like seeing 1000/1000 on a game, or 100% as the One puts it.
    I'm extremly proud of my 1000/1000 for the first Dead Rising, that was very hard.
    Weirdly, I dont care about "Trophys" on PS3 at all, possible because they were added as an afterthought on that system.

    Never have, never will. I'm usually happy just finishing the game at 100% completion without doing some arbitrary thing like drive a car in a straight line for 20 minutes to earn a virtual trophy or achievement. In most of my games I usually only get the trophies you get during normal play so by the time I finish them I'm usually only at around 30-40% or so.

      Same, I just play the game, if I get an achievement, wowie, but i don't do anything at all to specifically get them.

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