Ignore Click Frenzy And Go Straight To This EzyDVD Sale For Super Cheap Games

As you might have heard elsewhere that the Click Frenzy sale — the sale that was supposed to stop the nation — was sort of a disaster, with the website crashing over the demand and whatnot. But that doesn't mean that certain sales aren't worth checking out. This EzyDVD sale, for example, takes 20% off all games — games that were already selling at pretty low prices.

Just a couple of the deals I spotted...

— Halo 4 for $51.98 — Hitman Absolution $42.38 — Assassin's Creed III $50.38

So, yeah, some pretty good offers. Undoubtedly these games are being parallel imported, but still — good prices.

It's probably also worth noting that EzyDVD isn't Video Ezy, they are two separate companies. Earlier this year Video Ezy had a sale and some consumers waited for a pretty long time to receive their games. EzyDVD is a different company. That doesn't necessarily mean that you won't have to wait for an inordinate amount of time for you game to ship, but I though it was worth noting the difference regardless.


    I heard from people that you may have to wait for as long as over 3 weeks. If that's true, then you might as well go to ozgameshop or Ebay.

      Sounds like EzyDVD are just importing as required then... Honestly EzyDVD needs to just die already, I'm amazed they're still in business.

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      Oops got confused with Video Ezy!

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        Easy mistake.. same parent company after all :)

      Yeah I'll stick with ozgameshop, ezydvd has sleeping dogs(xbox) at $48 + shipping AFTER 20% off and its $37 regular price at ozgameshop with free shipping.

        Well for the Far Cry 3 pre-order, though VideoEzy.com.au (same company as EzyDVD.com.au) it worked out cheaper than OzGameShop.. and it ships from Hong Kong rather than UK, so possibly a bit quicker (I hope)

    the sale that was supposed to stop the nation
    I heard it referred to as the nation that stopped a sale this morning.

    Hitman for $26 on PC - sold

    Just preordered Far Cry 3, how can you go wrong with that at only $26! We'll see what happens, hopefully I receive it not too long after release date...

      I though the same thing with the Harvey Norman sale...

    EzyDVD's shipping charges seem a bit steep, $10 for 1-2 items.

    I was after Halo 4, but EB will likely have their own 24 hour online sale, and follow that up with a one-day in-store sale - worst case scenario I'll end up paying the same amount anyway.

      If you're in Australia, its only $2 regular post or $9 express. The $10 shipping is international

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      Oops got confused with Video Ezy!

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    You should be right if you choose express shipping, right? But if you're just buying a single game, not really worth it.

    I'm still waiting for halo 4 from video ezy :\ Never again, ever...ever.

      I ordered Halo 4 from Video Ezy a day before the sale ended, got it in the mail on Monday. When I first saw on the website that my order was on back order, I almost thought of cancelling it and just getting it from JB. Glad I didn't though. Hope yours comes soon :(

        Hiiiiiiiii there.................... ;-)

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