R4 Cartridges Blocked In Japan By The Government

R4 Cartridges Blocked In Japan By The Government

This has been a long legal rodeo, with Japanese authorities cracking down on the sale of R4 cartridges. Things are getting tougher for those gamers in Japan who don’t want to pony up cash for their games. R4 cartridges are devices that allow gamers to play pirated games on their Nintendo handhelds, which is why they are under legal fire.

Today, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that importing such devices is now strictly prohibited by law, 47 News reports. Nintendo, it seems, lead the cry for the importation of these devices be banned in Japan.

The sale of these devices is already punishable by law. This spring, a retailer in Saitama, Japan was arrested for selling R4 cartridges — the first arrest of its kind in the country.

But… what about the honest souls who only use the R4 for homebrew? I’m sure they exist!

「マジコン」を輸入禁止 経産省発表 [47News]

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    • Hey, give them some credit, they had to take the time out of their busy schedules of funding pork barrel projects and doing favours for their underworld friends. The wheels of Japanese bureaucracy turn slowly but surely!

  • There are 20 million + DS devices in Japan so I am sure that Nintendo is still keen to close this loophole

  • Australian legal powers are so behind the rest of the world that these won’t get banned for some time, or they’ll get banned as a copycat move without them actually knowing anything about what they’re banning. Pathetic country.

    • not quite…ps2 modchips had a similar banning argument against them but ended up being viewed as a way around region locking (and thus legal) as nintendo moved away from being region free after the DS lite…they would have a very difficult time overturning this point of law

    • Australia is the greatest place in the world. Our laws are geat and this is the safest place on Earth. I am no fan of the Labor Government, but I can’t complain, we’re in a safe country dude.

      • Bwahahahahahaha….
        Dude, our government is terrible:
        a: we tend to blindly follow the US government
        b: even when the courts make a good choice our govt has no issue letting the courts decision be rendered moot with a loop hole
        c: They now whant to track EVERYTHING you do online for 7 years just incase you do something wrong
        d: they have secret meetings with the Movie industry to figure out whats best for them (Ignoring what’s best for the people)
        e: they keep extending copyright at US request.

        And the “Loophole” allowing modchips has been closed for years, I’m suprised any are still available (Both Nintendo and Sony have had big wins) we imported some of the US laws, which meant that you can’t break DRM, you can break region restrictions, but the console makers get around it all by making the DRM and Region Coding the same piece and now you can’t mod to get around region coding because it would also break the DRM, and thats a no-no.

  • Can we *please* stop referring to all flashcarts as R4s? It’s like calling 3DSs and PS Vitas gameboys. Or worse, it’s like calling all smartphones an iPhone.

    Unless, of course, they specifically banned the R4, and that Acekards and M3s are fair game, which I doubt.

      • That’s okay, as it’s the spiritual successor from the same brand. Hell, the original DS plays GBA games. The problem is generalising the entire group (ie. The PSP line) under a particular vaguely associated product. The R4 was neither the first nor the best.

        For a more extreme example, it’s like taking apples, oranges and peaches; and calling them all apples. There is a proper term for these things: fruit.

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