Nintendo And Japanese Game Makers Win Another R4 Legal Victory

Nintendo And Japanese Game Makers Win Another R4 Legal Victory

Today, Nintendo won another legal battle against R4 devices against two Japanese distributors. Upholding the ban on R4 devices, a Tokyo court ruled that the accused, two Tokyo-based R4 sellers, must pay a sum total of nearly $1 million in damages to Nintendo and 50 or so other companies that had joined in the suit.

Those companies included the likes of Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, Level-5, Bandai Namco and more. You know, essentially the entire Japanese game industry.

Late last year, the Japanese government announced that importing R4 devices was illegal. At that time, selling them was already punishable by law.

ニンテンドーDS用装置(マジコン)に対する [Nintendo]


  • This has up sides and down. I loved how the R4 and similar allowed homebrew on the DS, but it’s pretty unlikely that that’s the reason so many of them have been sold.

    I had a chat with a guy a few years ago who was lamenting the fact that his kids kept losing the tiny cards their DS games came on. After digging into it I discovered that their uncle had bought them the DS, and the dad that I was talking to had no idea that games weren’t meant to come installed in the hundreds on tiny little SD cards. He just assumed that they were digitally distributed and that the uncle had bought them all.

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