Some Copies Of LEGO Lord Of The Rings Shipping With Mislabelled ‘Demo’ Discs

Some Copies Of LEGO Lord Of The Rings Shipping With Mislabelled ‘Demo’ Discs

Today is becoming something of a comedy of errors as far as game discs are concerned, it seems. As Game Informer first reported, Warner Bros is recalling Xbox 360 copies of Lego Lord of the Rings after they were mistakenly shipped containing a demo disc instead of the final product.

Game Informer editor Andrew Reiner ran into the demo disc issue at two different stores; Kotaku tipster Eric wrote in to tell us of his friend encountering the problem with the game at two different Target locations. Warner Brothers sent a statement explaining that the issue is one of labelling only, but that they are issuing a recall for the affected shipments:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is recalling a small number of LEGO The Lord of the Rings video games that were released for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft to Walmart, Target and Toys ‘R’ Us in the United States with a disc labelling error. The discs in question are incorrectly labelled as demo discs, but those discs do contain the full game content and are fully functional. This error does not affect any other formats of the game. We are in the process of remanufacturing the discs and will get them to the stores as soon as possible.

Consumers who purchased a copy of the Xbox 360 version of the game with the disc labelling error can contact customer support via email at or phone at 410-568-3680 for a replacement disc.

This is not the first problem today of something unexpected presenting itself inside a sealed game case to consumers; earlier today, PC retail versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops II were found to have a serious manufacturing error on the second disc: namely, that disc was in fact Mass Effect 2 and not Black Ops II at all.

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