One Less Bioware Studio To Worry About

Once was a time the name "Bioware" meant something. That you were going to get a game, most likely an RPG, with a rich world and expansive story-telling. It would also probably be awesome.

But ever since EA bought the company, Bioware has become more of a brand, used not only for "traditional" projects like Mass Effect and Dragon Age but also everything from MMOs to a Command & Conquer game.

Perhaps as an awareness of a recent slip in standards of this "brand" — or perhaps just to torture this branch in particular — Warhammer Online studio Bioware Mythic, a developer who has also been known as EA Mythic and Interworld Productions, will now no longer be known as BioWare Mythic and will simply be called Mythic.

I'd hate to be the guy ordering letterheads over there.

BioWare Mythic is now known as Mythic [Mythic]


    They've still got Bioware Victory developing a free-to-play RTS, which is still a cynical co-opting of the name's brand and reputation.

    I mean, good luck to them but calling a Command and Conquer game a Bioware one has to be leveraging the popularity and name recognition of the brand, and that's more than a little shady and misleading.

      agreed. just marketing and probably a waste of talent. Biowares name won't mean anything for much longer.

    Sure, but for me this just feels like a director's retirement plan. Get a huge bonus for the extra units those titles will sell, and when the s**t hits the fan about loss of brand integrity he'll ride the golden parachute out.

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