Third Grader Dazzles Twitter With Her Amazing Doodle

Some say artistic talent is innate. Other claim it's the result of hard work. Whatever it is, this Japanese third grader has it.

On November 24, a Japanese Twitter user named Shin_Toto uploaded the above image online, writing, "My daughter's (third grade) drawing. Ball point pen on A4 photocopy paper. What's the best way for her to develop this talent..."

The photo has since gone viral in Japan and has been retweeted over 22,000 times, with countless people offering advice and encouragement.

"Twitter's spreading power is so overwhelming," Shin_Toto tweeted. "Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine anything like this happening."

According to Shin_Toto, the young girl has been drawing every day since she was three years old, adding, "I want her to continue like this, doing what she likes to do".

That's all Shin_Toto can do. Spot talent, encourage what makes them happy, but ultimately let the child do what she or he wants to do.

娘(小3)の絵 [@shin_toto]


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