This Company Will Make Real-Life Miniatures Out Of Your Minecraft World

If you've played Minecraft, chances are you've built something so cool that you wish you could immortalise it and put it on your mantle. Thankfully, there's Figureprints, a company which in the past has recreated your Xbox 360 avatars and World of Warcraft characters.

Now, you can export you favourite Minecraft creations and they'll make them into a reality, for a price determined by how complicated your model is. Man. I might have to get one of these.

FigurePrints - Minecraft [Main Page via Wired]


    any one know the max size my word is quite large

      Doesn't seem to mention it on the website, nor the price.

      As you might notice from the picture above, it may be best to focus on just a single section that you are proud of. It is likely that your world, while large, has a lot of space that you aren't utilising and therefore you wouldn't really want printed.

    That's pretty cool

    We Need a 3D printer that can print life size, so like full Minecraft blocks

    Will it include flickering torch particles that the 1.4.4 update brought?

      Glad to know I'm not the only one with that problem.

    Ed's program is great for multiplayer servers, where you don't usually have access to the world files. If you do have access to these files (e.g. you're in single-player, or run the server or know the folks that do), then you might want to try out Mineways (, a free & open-source exporter for 3D models specifically for 3D printing. You don't need a 3D printer, since Mineways works with various 3D print services. If nothing else, visit the site to see more cool printouts.

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