Yes, The Wii U Also Works On Japanese Bullet Trains

For those worried that the Wii U doesn't work on outside, say on Japanese high speed rail, take heart. Apparently, it does. And here's the photo proof.

Kuzo from Japanese site Rocket News recently boarded the Nozomi bullet train — the N700 series Nozomi, to be exact, which is outfitted with electric sockets and WiFi. Besides being a stunt, the test's goal was to see the breadth of the Wii U's play space.

According to Kuzo, lugging the Wii U around wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, especially compared to, say, carrying the PS3 in some sort of portable contraption.

Will this become a new trend, people carrying around their Wii Us in public so they can play New Super Mario Bros. Wii U? Probably not. But if you have three hours to kill on the bullet train and you don't might the extra load, bringing your Wii U seems entirely feasible.

In case you missed them, here's Kotaku's New Super Mario Bros. Wii U review and the Wii U review.

Wii Uは外出時も遊べる! 新幹線に乗りながらWii Uで遊んでみた [ロケットニュース]

Top photo: ロケットニュース)


    Nice MDR-1 headphones.

    Once when visiting friends in Melbourne, after bringing a Gamecube and small TV to a house party, we plugged them in and played Smash Bros at the train station for a good 20 mins or so waiting for a train.

      When I lived in England, once I brought my Wii over to a friend's house, since it had just been released a few days before. I went to the bus station, but all of the buses were finished for the night. I couldn't walk home, because it would take hours and I was carrying a crappy "portable" TV my friend gave me with me, and I had no means of getting home. I went down to a mechanic's place with power outlets on the outside, and plugged everything up and starting playing Zelda: Twilight Princess. The TV broke about five minutes later, and I swore really loudly, and these people approached me. (They were the stereotypical homeless people, only moments before huddling around a burning garbage can for warmth, watching TV) They saw what happened and offered to let me use their one. I accepted, and only minutes later was playing again. I don't know what it was, but watching them watch me was amazing, and they all looked thrilled. I decided to let them play the other games I had, and they immediately went for Wii Sports, and wow, did they love it. Damn, I understand why some people insult the Wii, but the way it brought people together truly was magical.

      (DAMN! That was a lot longer than I expected it to be!)

        Great story though

        yeah, if your not pulling my leg, awesome story

    Or you could just get a Vita, 3DS or PSP. Amazingly, there are still ads running on Japanese TV for PSP...

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