A Sad Farewell To The Game Studios We Lost In 2012

We may have played a lot of great games in 2012, but let's not forget about one of the saddest facets of the video game industry: that even big, successful developers can be shut down at a moment's notice.

This video from IGN pays tribute to those studios and companies that, for whatever reason, had to shut their doors over the source of 2012.

Oh, and a quick note: those Sony Liverpool dates are technically incorrect. I only say that because I'm still a little scarred at the closure of the house formerly known as Psygnosis.

Game Studios We Lost In 2012 [IGN]


    Pretty sure Studio Liverpool was Psygnosis. Besides that Liverpool itself was shut down back in August, so your dates aren't wrong...

      Side note still incredibly sad that Rockstar Van and Liverpool went under, easily some of my favourite developers.

    Would rather this in list form to skim over.

    Aside from Gaijin Games, Studio Liverpool were my fav devs. Was, well, devastated to hear they were shutting down, as I had only just come back to my PC after playing WipEout HD before I heard the news!!

    SIgning in to say it really is sad that Studio Liverpool had to close their doors.
    What also takes me about that list is the age of a few of those developers (one spanning nearly 40 years!).

    Also, the pic in the OP brought me straight in here to pay my respects.

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