A Skyrim Dagger That Stabs In The Real World

Master props builder Bill Doran has truly outdone himself this time, grabbing The Elder Scrolls series' Keening Dagger with both hands and wrenching it from the games into the real world.

The level of work and materials that went into building it are insane. The handle is made out of polyurethane resin. The finer details were made out of all sorts of PVC, resin, styrene and apoxie sculpt. He even got the blade to look spot-on, casting it from Clear-Lite resin.

The blade will be auctioned off for Child's Play, in case you were wondering how much money you'd need to throw at it to get hold of it.

I made a replica of Keening for Child's Play [Skyrim] [Reddit] THE ELDERSCROLLS: SKYRIM — KEENING [Punished Props]


    In other words, it's plastic.

      Yeah it was much more awesome when I thought it was metal.
      And I thought keening had more color in the blade?

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