Chinese Toy Company That Specialises In Making US Soldiers

Toys coming out of China have long had a bad rap. There's often talk of lead paint, dangerous and sometimes exploding parts, but the overall argument against Chinese toys is that they're boring and low quality (not Western branded toys made in China). Despite all it had going against it, a small Chinese toy company has "made it", and for the past three years has been churning out some of the coolest toys available.

The almost appropriately named Dam Toys company, based out of Hong Kong, makes toys you wouldn't expect from Chinese company; they specialise in 1/6 scale action figures of the US Army. That's right, a Chinese company making US Army-themed toys.

Many of the figures produced by Dam Toys are based on different soldiers, everything from regular infantry to marines, but they also make their own line of gangster figures, which are relatively new to their catalogue. These gangster figures look almost as if they've stepped out of a Rockstar game.

Perhaps the most awesome thing about these toys is that they're so detailed. For instance, the 12-inch US navy seal corpsman has a medical supply set in its backpack, which opens up. In the medical supply set, there are miniature bandages and tools — the scissors actually work!

While they're currently focusing their toy lines on the US military, Dam Toys says they're looking into expanding their gangster line, as well as designing a Chinese military figure.


    Looks like the watched Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down and made the toys from that.. :P

      And Tears of the Sun - that's where the two SEALs are from, and they even have the tagline of "god already left Africa".

        one has "god has leave Africa".

        These are probably made next to the factory with where the american flags they put over the coffins of dead soldiers. But it doesn't matter because China practically owns the US, so wont be long until the payment is confirmed and they annex them.

    Saw a bunch of this sort of thing in Japan, they're bloody amazing. Expensive, but fantastic quality, with tons of gear to customise them with. I was in a shop with a friend who was serving as a paratrooper in the US Army at the time and we came across a doll that was, essentially, him. He had me take a photo of them together as a memento lol. He said for the most part they were all pretty much perfect, aside from some being a bit romanticised, like the CIA special operative ones.

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