Don't Talk S**t About Reggie's Japanese

Reggie Fils-Aime is the Nintendo of America honcho. And while he works for a Japanese company, he's no Japanese language wizard like in-house localiser Bill Trinen. He is, however, a vengeful, vengeful man. They don't call that man the Regginator for nothing.

The wrath of Reggie [[email protected]]


    Damn Reggie, that was embarassing.

    He makes it sound like getting sent to Japan is a bad thing, considering Nintendo HQ is there and all... and that's just the tip of the ice-burg >.> I'd consider it a promotion lol.

    I'm still very confused about Reggies ethnic background

    It looks like he is in pain.

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      Ha-ha also i just noticed he sounds kinda like Christopher walking talk japanese

    "Minnie-san"? Is Reggie talking about Mickey Mouse's girlfriend?

    Minesan is students. Every morning in high school Japanese the teacher would say "Minesan, konichiwa." So it seems I learnt one thing at least.

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