Here Are A Couple Of Assassin’s Creed Easter Eggs In Far Cry 3

Sure, it's a small easter egg — just a logo, nothing major. But still, neat, right? And this is but one of many rumoured easter-eggs in Far Cry 3.

Update: One of our readers pointed us to this other Assassin's Creed easter egg — this one mentions pieces of Eden as well as genetic memories.


    not an easter egg as such, more of just a shout-out to the AC series :

    at one point, your character loses part of their left ring finger. just like the assassins.

      Hey, #35, do you remember *see spoiler* I recall Jason Brody saying "That logo is really familiar, where have I see that before" about the Abstergo logo, wouldnt surprise me if they are in the same universe

        Don't recall it, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. I've taken to filtering out everything Jason says. his habit of talking to himself started to annoy me.

        Inside a burning house: "its hot in here!"

        some things are better left unsaid.

          That they are

          and his "What have I become" realisation, uhhh....a killing machine who is saving his friends Edit* and kind of the only reason us players end up liking you as a protagonist

          Also each time he skinned something he was grossed out by it, I thought that would go away eventually, like his being scared of killing people did, but every time I skinned something he whined it was gross

          Last edited 05/12/12 10:12 am

            John Marston does that as well when he skins animals. These fellas need to harden up.

              True, Connor *AC3* just say's something and skins them

                Yeah, but Connor is a whiny wuss whenever he's doing anything BUT skinning animals.

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