Now You Can Memorialise Your Fallen XCOM Soldiers On Facebook

One of the neater (and sadder) aspects of the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the fact that your base comes with a built-in memorial wall for your fallen soldiers. It's a great idea, though the execution is only OK: You don't get to post a picture of the soldier, nor any info beyond their name and rank.

2K has added a new layer to things, allowing players to add their fallen comrades to a regularly updated Facebook memorial. It's a start, though it still fails to allow players to add pictures of their soldiers, so there's room for improvement.

Though of course, if you've got a lot of screenshots and a printer, you can always build your own shrine to the fallen in your living room. Not that I did that, or anything.

XCOM Memorial Wall [Facebook]


    Or just reload saves like a normal person.

      haha love this.

      Sometimes I grew a distaste for soldiers and let them die... but otherwise I would reload saves, the game was to unforgiving to do anything else.

      If you're not playing on Iron Man mode, you're playing it wrong.

        Not wrong per se, just with a vagina

    Not if your on IronMan Mode. Lost some good soldiers :(

    This is a good idea! Honour those you become attached to. Great stuff lol!

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