These Geeky Facebook Timeline Covers Are Awesome

Me, my Facebook cover is boring. It's just a picture of a K-Pop star. Other people have actually taken advantage of Facebook's cover layout to make something awesome or creative. Here are a few standouts — the one above makes it look like a guy is actually playing Angry Birds, which is awesome.

Our own Kirk Hamilton sporting, unsurprisingly, a Persona 4 cover.

This guy makes it look like he's playing Duck Hunt.

This one is Streets of Rage related.

This Futurama cover is crazy clever.

Our own Luke Plunkett is just the man the ladies were looking for.

This guy put himself a an N64 cover.

This one doesn't have the actual person in it, but still! It's a cool usage of the layout.

Do a barr- oh, you know how this goes.

What about you, are you using a cool Facebook timeline cover?


    I'm guessing a lot of people have seen this one but... The face goes in the black box ^^

      Oh god! Who is it!
      The suspense is killing me!

    Mine is a photo I took at Supanova GC of the Police Public Call Box part of the TARDIS. Wish I could create one of those ones that makes it look like my DP is part of the cover pic

    Don't have any fancy segue with my ID photo, just a picture of my baby.

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