Watch As Macross 30 Blends Three Decades Of Narrative Into One Mega-Crossover

Watch As Macross 30 Blends Three Decades Of Narrative Into One Mega-Crossover

As the Macross 30th Anniversary year comes to a close, Bandai-Namco is preparing to release Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy, the first full-length Macross game on the PlayStation 3.

This /”flight simulation RPG” mega-crossover game includes characters and transforming fighter planes from across all five main Macross series. But how exactly does Macross 30 manage to combine the franchise’s galaxy spanning 30 year narrative into one new and original story? Thanks to the trailer released last week, we have the answer.

The story of Macross 30 begins one year after the end of the latest Macross series, Macross Frontier. Leon Sakaki, a member of the private military company S.M.S., is sent to the remote planet of Ouroborus where he is subsequently attacked by a mysterious enemy and forced to crash land on the surface. There he meets fellow S.M.S. member Aisha Blanchett and discovers that due to a phenomenon known as the Ouroboros Aurora, he is unable to get off the planet. The two begin working together and explore the planet’s ancient ruins where they discover Mina Forte, an amnesiac girl who is the key to unravelling the mysteries of Ouroboros.

Also on the planet are the numerous heroes and villains from across the entire Macross franchise — seemingly ripped right out of various points in time a spit out across Ouroboros.

The game’s original villains, known as Havamal, are also trying to unlock the secrets of Ouroboros. Not only do they have the help of the classic villains, but they also have managed to capture and/or brainwash many of the franchise’s greatest heroes — which you will need to battle to save the planet, and possibly even the galaxy.

The new Macross 30 trailer also shows the first gameplay footage of the game — including missile-spamming air battles, high-speed canyon dogfights, and the process of upgrading your transforming plane.

The catchy theme songs of the game are provided by Haruka Chisuga, voice of the game’s heroine Mina Forte and winner of the 30th Anniversary real world “Miss Macross” idol search competition earlier this year.

To see the full four minutes of Macross 30 in action, check out the trailer at the top of the page.

Macross 30: The Voice that Connects the Galaxy will be released on February 28, 2013, for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. There are no plans for an international release.

MACROSS 30 — New Trailer & Gameplay Details


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