Watch This Speed Run Take Down Dark Souls In 32 Minutes

From Software's sequel will be remembered as one of the hardest games of this console generation. It took some people weeks — months, even — to make their way to the final battle of Dark Souls. This ruthless speedrun by Freddy 'Thanatos' Vasquez blows through it in about half an hour. There's some skipping but it's still a hypnotic thing to watch.

Via Speed Demos Archive.



      Not fake. SDA verifies every speedrun before it gets posted. It's 100% totally legit.

        How does he get from that goddess chick to her father?

    Despite the rather major lord vessal skip it was an entertaining watch.

    Last edited 09/12/12 12:47 pm

    Quelaag was a total bitch.

      Serious mistakes against Orstein, I bet his butt-hole was puckering up.

    1. whys is this under xbox if this is clearly a ps3 version of the game
    2. his parrying skills are great
    3. he could probs cut off another 7ish minutes taking another path through drake valley.

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